The Backpacker Intern

All In at LV Photo Las Vegas

LV Photo is all about Photo Entertainment Marketing. They are the premier photography company in Las Vegas for conventions, corporate, casino and private events and functions. ‘Entertainment’ is their middle name. And that’s exactly what they showed me.

On my first day the owner Mark Bragen picked me up from the bus stop. (I took a Bolt-bus from LA to Vegas for 17 bucks, super cheap!). He welcomed me to Vegas and we drove over and around the Strip to see all those crazy and big ass casinos. I saw it on pictures but you really have to see the real thing haha. It’s crazy.

After this small tour Mark dropped me off at The Rio. They gave me a massive suite with a kick-ass view over the strip. I’ve never had such a big hotel room in my life. As I said, at LV Photo they go all-in. It was great to have some privacy again, after 9 days in a dorm with snoring people and not knowing if your stuff is safe. That night I decided to chill out and get some sleep.


The next morning Mark picked me up for my first day. I met the team and we started with a meeting to talk about their business and marketing. I gave them my honest opinion and we already made great progress for the future of LV Photo.

LV Photo is working for a great range of clients, such as casinos, brands, birthdays of celebrities, but you can also see their (software) systems at the Empire State Building, The Grand Canyon and other landmarks, such as the Stratosphere. The big look out tower in Vegas. They decided to take me there and throw me off it. And that on my first day…Luckily, I fucking love this shit. I made a free-fall of 855 feet. Aaaaaaaadreline baby!

The Backpacker Intern at Las Vegas Stratosphere

That evening there was only one thing on the planning: Las Vegas Nightlife. I heard some stories about Vegas but I never expected this. It’s insane. It has the party vibe of Berlin and the show vibe of Broadway. But then x 100 and com-plete-ly crazy. We went to the amazing show Rose.Rabbit.Lie in the Cosmopolitan.

The next day we chilled out at the swimming pool, where the party already started (or was still going on). Damn you Vegas.

Some vitamin D and an ice-cold beer got us back on track. That evening I had an epic night with Mark. We first got some diner and had great talks about the business and life in general. To top it off we went to the Cosmopolitan to laugh our asses off.

Just a few hours later the plan was to visit the Grand Canyon. We both were still drunk. Mark picked me up but he really needed to go to bed so I went on a small road trip with David (another LV Photo colleague) and his wife.

The Backpacker Intern at Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon is immense. It’s truly the force of nature. You feel really small when you see that humongous landscape. We ended the day with a ride in the High Roller. The world’s tallest ferry wheel. Takes about 30 minutes and, as it is Vegas, you can drink beer in it.

Monday was my last day at LV Photo. I wrote down a business plan with my advice on multiple levels. About their social media, website, film and some extra ideas for events. At the end of the day I presented my plan and discussed it with David, Carson and the other owner Collin. We really made progress in a short amount of time, so that’s great!

To end the internship in style we drove to the Las Vegas Sign. Just before the sign, Mark stopped at a liqueur store and shouted “C’mon, everybody get a beer!”, like a boss. After 2 weddings, a group of Japanese tourists and a bachelor party it was our turn. BOOM! LV Photo Crew in your face.

TheBackpackerIntern at Las VegasI will remember this epic internship forever. Even the moments I don’t remember. Thanks so much for everything bro’s. I’ll be back!

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