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The Backpacker Intern - Press August 2014

Press and media from all over the world have picked up my project. Thank you for spreading the word!

If you want to get in touch with me for an interview or article please send an email to I’ll do my best to respond a.s.a.p. but sometimes I’m on the road, water, in the air or in a place without wifi (I know, first world problems). Thanks for your patience.

Muchas Gracias!



Adweek (Global)

TEDxTeen (Global)

MTV Voices (Global)

MTV Act (Global)

Tripoto (Global)

Go Think Big (United Kingdom)

NOS op 3 (Dutch National Television)

Entrepreneur Magazine (UAE)

Hypeness (Brazil)

Amsterdam Adblog (The Netherlands)

Metropotam (Romania)

Algemeen Dagblad (The Netherlands)

Go Think Big 2 (United Kingdom)

Adformatie Top 100 (The Netherlands)

IntoConnection (Global)

Kreativ (Hungary)

Bors (Hungary)

Capital (Bulgaria)

Stiril Pro TV (Romania)

NRC Next (The Netherlands)

Radio 1 (The Netherlands)

Omroep Brabant (The Netherlands)

Future Plan (Germany)

Linda Magazine (The Netherlands)

The New Forward (Malaysia)

Werben und Verkaufen (Germany)

Adformatie (The Netherlands)

Marie Claire (Brasil)

Brandbuffet (Thailand)

Bluebus (Brazil)

The Minneanapolis Egotist (United States)

Travel Next (The Netherlands)

Go Travel (China)

iWebAD (China)

Arnaud Granata (Canada)

Media Marketing (Belgium)

The San Francisco Egotist (United States)

Play Tusu (Turkey)

HK. GoTrip (Hong Kong)

Markkinointi&Mainontaa (Finland)

Adobo Magazine (Philipines)

Inc. 42 Magazine (India)

Carpe Juvenis (United States)

Infopresse (Canada)

Nosiness (France)

Radio Canada (Canada)

We Love Ad (China)

Marketing Magazine (Asia)

Citinerary (The Netherlands)

Moderne Hippies (The Netherlands)

Pop the Campaign (The Netherlands)

Fonk Online (The Netherlands)

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