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Hi guys,

I’m open for new adventures, internships, people, interviews and presentations.

My offer if you hire me as The Backpacker Intern is simple; I can help you out for one, two, three or more days with my skills as a creative. The only thing I ask for is food and a place to sleep. I prefer to have some breakfast, lunch and diner because I’m a hungry guy. I eat everything and love to try local food so I leave it up to you to surprise me. The place to sleep can be a hotel, bed, couch, rooftop or whatever.

Since I’m traveling and working around the world it’s possible that I won’t respond to your email for a few days (or weeks). I’ll do my best to reply a.s.a.p.

Just hit me up at:

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Hope to meet you soon!

47 thoughts on “#Contact

  1. Daniel Rooseboom

    Hey ,

    Je mag wel bij me komen logeren in stockholm als je wilt …gewoon leuk idee. Ik heb niet direct werk voor je ofzo maar ik kan je wel helpen als je ergens in scandinavie bent 🙂

    Veel plezier op je reis !


    1. Mark van der Heijden Post author

      Hé Daniel,
      Tof! Stockholm staat het komende half jaar niet op de planning maar wel al heel lang op mijn verlanglijstje.
      Als dit project me goed bevalt dan plak ik er wellicht nog een Europa tour achteraan. Dan kan ik Stockholm ook mooi meepakken!

      Thnx voor je support.
      All the best,

  2. Bostjan Zrimsek

    Hello Daniel,

    I have re-offer: when you will come to Slovenia to check our beauty country, we will hire you as a copywriter.

    If results won’t be good, you will return me with free night in Netherland.



  3. Elie


    I love the idea and I wish you all the best on your journey! It’s gonna be a lot more fulfilling than an office job. 🙂

    Good luck from a fellow traveler (currently in Southern France and soon in Brussels for 7 months)!

  4. Riya Parikh

    Hello 🙂

    You just got added to one of my travel aspirations list.
    If you ever do happen to come in Mumbai, India, I can’t host you with a stay, but a lunch will be on me.

    Happy Travelling.

  5. Todd Jones

    This is a great idea! Once you make it over to the states, Los Angeles to be more specific would love to help you out with your adventure. Looking forward to following you on FaceBook with updates. Have a great time in Asia and soak up all the culture.


  6. Bran Relationship Management (Colombia)

    Hi Mark

    BRM it’s a digital agency proudly 100% Colombian since 2010. We work with brands like Avianca, Nestlé, citibank just to mention some of them.

    We saw your blog and we really like to have you here in Colombia for few months in order to learn and work together.

    Let me know what chance we have to start.

    Hope to hear about you soon.


    Cristina Tovar
    Human Resources Director

  7. Antonio

    Will you come to Venezuela?
    At my home you have where to sleep and you can create my computer entreprise image.
    I am at Barquisimeto, Lara.

  8. todd slutzky


    I took off a semester from ad school at The Creative Circus to backpack through Australia and Thailand for three months. I brought a mini-book with me (this was kinda pre online portfolios aka 2001.) I had a dream of freelancing or even getting a job at an agency in Sydney or Melbourne while i was there. Didn’t end up happening and i ended up having an even better time for not really worrying too much about it. But i am jealous of your trip. Congratulations and I hope it is awesome.

    i’m going to send you an email with some direct information and even an invitation.

  9. Olive Alexandre

    I manage 3 companies – one travel one event one hotel business
    I travelled in 80 countries in 6 years – I admire what you are doing
    I did the same 😉
    so if you love to join me in Delhi or in Paris
    be more than welcome – i provide what you need
    take care
    +33 642 11 05 22

  10. Anika Aleong

    Hi Mark,

    I just ready your article and it is a brilliant idea! We are a very young marketing research and advertising company in Trinidad and Tobago, but we have grown in the space of two and a half years. We deal with both international and local clients.

    We are in the Carnival season and we are working with the National Carnival Bands Association – the authority on Carnival Mas Bands and Costumes. We would love to host and feed you in Trinidad.

    Living on a Caribbean island is bliss and we want to share this with you!

    Please feel free to email me and maybe we can meet via

    Take care,


  11. Taylor Reed

    Whats Up Man!

    My name is Taylor. I currently work with a kick ass commercial/ad/editorial photographer in Seattle. Noticed you were stopping through at some point. Here is a link to our site:

    When your in the area you should definitely hit me up, grab coffee, or come visit our studio.
    We actually have a few ad campaign ideas (personal work) that could use some witty copy, if your willing. I have a place you can crash as well if necessary. haha

    Enjoy your travels!

    – Taylor

  12. Jesse R. Kilroy


    Best of luck on your adventure. If your travels lead you to the city of Philadelphia, this is one copywriter who can buy you a beer or two. Not only is Philly a great and historical city, but the advertising culture here is very underrated.

    Keep walkin’

    ~Jesse Ray

  13. kristina Cahojova

    Hey Mark!!!

    Me and Joel (my partner) just opened a start up called and We made it very simply he couchsurfed my place and the other day we made a company. After 1st day we got 10 business suppliers and we are opening!

    Come here help to promote our start up about referral marketing and you ll have a place to stay here..

    if you can not make it before the summer do not worry. We are working in the summer in Fez- which is in Morroco. So please come! we have a huge amazing prioject that started from my living room and we would like to take in same crazy people!

    you know like joel lets do sth!!

    you are more than welcome!

    Kristina & Joel

    Prague (Czech Republic)

  14. Salvador

    hey man, what you’re doing is awesome it really inspired me, and i would like to do something like that.
    But now i would like to talk with you about a conference I would love you’d give here in León, Guanajuato, México. it will be at a conference that will take place on august 8, if you are interested please reply me and i’ll give you all the information.
    Thank you! and keep doing what you’re doing

  15. Darius Kisielius

    Hi Mark,

    I wish it was me who came up first with such idea. I can only imagine what an extensive experience it will be for you.

    I am an Art director who is looking for a copywriter to work together as a team. Wanna try? It should be fun at least for the… (you call the term).

    We are an ad agency based in the very downtown of Vilnius with one of the best panoramic views in the city (top floor office) and with a variety of local and international clients. But it’s my work buddies I’m truly proud of and happy with.

    Fancy a true Eastern european experience?


  16. Renee

    Hi Mark!
    I’m an Art Director at McCann Port of Spain and we would love to have you intern with us.
    Send an email when you get a chance 🙂
    Good luck with your travels!

  17. Handy

    I am from CHINA.You are so cool. 如果在中国找到地方,我可以帮助你。

  18. Taco Heidinga

    Heey Mark,

    Goed te zien dat je aan het reizen bent. Kom je ook nog langs het Caribische gebied. Ik heb dan wel een paar mooie klusjes voor je op Curacao!!

    Succes met alles en ik blijf op de hoogte,

    grt Taco Heidinga(vanuit Curacao)

  19. Gabrielle

    Hi Mark,

    My name is Gabrielle and I came across your blog while looking for internship opportunities in Amsterdam. I think what you’re doing is amazing and I wish you the best of luck with your travels. I wanted to take a chance and message you asking for any tips for applying for internships, or if you would know of anyone or any company that would take international interns for the summer? I currently reside in California and plan on being in Amsterdam for the whole summer. So far Ive had no luck /: but im not giving up! Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

  20. Wylenilson Seelig

    Hi, I am from Recife – Pernambuco- Brazil and a friend from Budapest showed me this Blog. For God This is the best and amazing idea of the world. I do not have a intership for you, but from this moment I will follow you here. Good luck my friend, and best regards from Brazil !!

  21. Erik

    Dear Mark,

    your work and passion really inspire me. I would love to travel the world to work or help out people for nothing more than a place to sleep and some food. I already have some experience when i was in Australia by Wwoofing (willing workers on organic farms), where i worked for nothing more then food an place to stay and off course the honor to see differend people and cultures.
    For some while I have a dream to do the same thing again but not concetrate it on one country. my profession is anesthesea brother in the hospital (still a student for the next 2 years). Next to that I worked in differend restaurants for some years.
    Maybe you can give me some start up ideas.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Take care Erik

  22. Liesbeth


    Wauw! Wat heb ik met bewondering je verhaal in de krant gelezen , Je verhaal inspireert me enorm. Ik heb op het moment ook een vaste en een leuke baan maar vanaf november heb ik een jaar verlof gekregen. Dit omdat ik wil gaan reizen, de wereld zien en ontdekken.

    Ik ben van plan om naar Australie en Nieuw Zeeland te gaan. Heb je evt nog tips en tricks?
    Heel veel succes met reizen en werken! Je inspireert mensen!

    Groetjes Liesbeth

  23. Daphne United Cubs

    Hey Mark!

    It’s awesome to read about your initiative and your travels so far. Your adventures don’t go unnoticed!! Here’s an idea for you from a Dutch foundation called United Cubs. We work with volunteers to organize sport tournaments in developing countries, for kids that don’t get the chance to play sports like we were all used to in school when we were little. They get to be kids without worries for that day and experience how it feels to all win a medal by the end of the day. We always look for passionate volunteers that travel abroad, and we help them with the organization and finances that are needed to set up a tournament. Together we’ve organized over 30 tournaments in 4 years (2 of my board members started 4 years ago when they drove from the Netherlands to South Africa for the world cup and organized a tournament in Kenya). Check out our website for more info: We work with partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Interested to volunteer for us in achieving our mission “play for a smile”? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    United Cubs

  24. Kiruna

    I’m 21 and currently studying advertising, and your idea is very courageous. Many wouldn’t dare to quit their jobs and just travel the world to enjoy the true value of this industry: and that is creativity, adventure and trying new things all the time!


  25. Eduardo

    I’m spanish, 21 years old and i’ve just found this. I really really think that you’re such a hero, very inspirational. If someday you need a fellow traveler to hang around Europe (or the entire world!) I would be pleased of letting all behind to follow you in your amazing adventure.

    Keep going!

  26. Merel Van Der Hoorn


    Ik ben 14 jaar maar het is al heeeeeeeeeel lang mijn droom om een keer te gaan backpackenhet hoeft maar een week of twee ofzi en.ik dacht misschien heeft u tips voor mij

    1. Mark van der Heijden Post author

      Hey Merel! Gaaf dat je wilt gaan backpacken. Als ik jou was zou ik eerst mijn school afmaken. Met een diploma op zak reis je een stuk relaxter. Zullen je ouders ook een fijn idee vinden. Voor nu, zoek een bijbaantje waar je wat geld mee kunt verdienen en spaar voor je eerste avontuur. Succes en laat me maar weten als je nog meer tips wilt 🙂

  27. Evi

    Hoiii Mark!
    Ik ben een Hongaar, ik woon in Boedapest (maar ik heb voor 2 jaren in Nederland gewoon, daarom spreek ik een beetje Nederlands).
    Ik heb vandaag over jouw fantastische projekt in het hongaarse media gehoord! Wow! Zo eenvoudige idee wordt zo groete success! Echt inspirerende! Als ik heb gezien, je nu in Hongarije bent of in paar dagen! Ik weet niet wat jouw plannen zijn, ik denk je bent echt druk, maar als je een beetje tijdt… Heb je zin mij voor een drankje ontmoeten? Ik ben ook persoonlijk aan te denken over mijn baan opzegen en weggaan de wereld te zien een beetje meer. Ik zou echt benieuwd naar jouw ervaringen zijn.
    Natuurlijk als je een bed of eten nodig hebt, je bent echt welkom voor dat ook! 🙂

  28. Amarprit Singh

    Hi sir,
    I’m Amarprit from New Delhi, India. I am astounded and mesmerized by your fascinating experiences across the planet. I would like to learn and work for your organization in future. I believe that the backpacker intern is an idea which can revolutionize the tourism industry across the world. I’m ready to contribute my bit towards the cause. And yes! I would be hell excited to do so. I have some crazy ideas which might be of some help to you and your organization.
    Thank you

  29. Christiaan Murphy

    Love your blog. Being Dutch and a worldwide adventure traveller, Belgium is probably not high on your list. But if you find yourself needing a place to stay near Brussels, you are welcome here. As a very amateur and newbie blogger, I am sure I could learn a ton from you.

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