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Hey guys, here you can see my route, internships and destinations where I’ve traveled to in 2 years. If you want to get in touch with me please send an email to

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Thailand (Amnesty International, McCann Worldgroup)

Malaysia (NagaDDB, Kechara Soup Kitchen)


Phnom-Penh, Cambodia (17Triggers)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Tribal DDB Vietnam, Saigon Children’s Charity)

New York City, U.S. (TEDxTeen)


Bali, Indonesia (Oceans 5 Dive)

Hawaii, U.S. (Hawaiian Surf Adventures)


Los Angeles, U.S. (TBWA\Chiat\Day)

Las Vegas, U.S. (LV Photo)

San Francisco, U.S. (DDB California)


San Francisco, U.S. (Muttville Senior Dog Rescue)

Seattle, U.S. (Adventure Film School)


Los Angeles & New York City, U.S. (Nile Rodgers)

Cannes, France (Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity)


Salzburg, Austria (Red Bull Creative)

Berlin, Germany (GoEuro)

Liverpool, England (World Merit Day)


Sofia, Bulgaria (Saatchi & Saatchi)

Budapest, Hungary (Insomnia Advertising)

Brasov, Romania (Transilvania University #LeoAdcamp)


Bucharest, Romania (Leo Burnett)

Bratislava, Slovakia (Wakelake | Golden Sands)


London, England (International Medical Corps)

Istanbul, Turkey (TEDxKoçUniversity)


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Street Child World Cup)


Florianópolis, Brasil (Step1 Idiomas Language School)

Washington DC, U.S. (The White House)



Buenos Aires, Argentina (JWT Argentina)

Antarctica (One Ocean Expeditions)


Argentina + Chile (Travel)


Amsterdam (Family & Friends Time)


Cape Town, South Africa (Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town)

Madagascar (HERi Madagascar)


Istanbul, Turkey (Top 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers Summit)

Copenhagen, Denmark (Advertisers Summit)


Cannes, France (Speech at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity)


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wellington, New Zealand (UNICEF New Zealand)


Goa, India (Speaking at Kyoorius Designyatra Festival)

Delhi, Agra, Bangalore, India

Auckland, New Zealand (Colenso BBDO)

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28 thoughts on “#Route

  1. Niels Monsieurs

    Heer Daniel,

    Weet je al wanneer je in NYC bent en heb je al een plekje?

    Ik zit hier de komende maand in ieder geval nog voor MediaMonks dus als je een hook-up nodig hebt, kan altijd even rondvragen.

    Veel plezier en succes en dingen!


  2. David Van der Vieren

    You are missing out by not stoping in Denver! email me if you change your mind and I can guild you around the city and mountains.


  3. Ricardo @Zbulo! Discover Albania

    Heya Mark,

    great trip you are rolling! I am not sure how tight you cling to the initial itinerary, if I hit the road my schedule usually dissolves within 72h, should you ever get attracted to the Balkans make sure to drop by in Albania 😉

    After returning from Turkey to Germany I wanted to go back to the Middle East, my girlfriend wasn’t so fond of it so we decided to move to Japan. Looking at the map there are an awful lot of places you miss out on flying to the land of the rising sun, so I came up with the idea to travel there by car. Six month in we got to Albania and *wow* I fell in love with the place! I’m looking forward to your story!


  4. Guillaume

    Hi Mark

    I love your idea.
    If you are passing by San Francisco, I would love to have you on board at StartupBasecamp and trade with you!!
    Have a great day and a safe trip

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  6. thunder

    I like your idea.
    How about have a trip in China?
    We located in Ningbo, 2.5 hours drive from Shanghai.

    We may also try to meet in NewYork or Boston around 14th May ~ 16th May, since I will be there during that time. For discuss your Chinese trip if you like to.

    Best Regards!

  7. Yulei Feng

    If you come to China, I will be waiting for you in Wuhan city. All I want you to help me to do is playing Pingpang with me. Do you think you can beat me?

  8. Eason

    Why don’t you stopover in Beijing for a while?
    We are one of the most famous Business School in China,
    Your experience and spirit must influence a lot of students here,
    Try arranging the time, and let me know
    Cheers, wish all the best in your journey!

  9. Fernanda

    Hi Mark,

    I wanna to know you..
    when you coming to Brazil i wanna to see you 🙂
    please please let me know 🙂

    kiss 🙂

  10. Paresh

    Hi Mark,

    You have plotted an inspiring itinerary…!! Sounds fun..!

    When you are in India, let me know.! lets Meet-up..!! Lots to share, lots to talk, lots to learn.!


    Bon Voyage!

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