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Launching Wanderbrief at Cannes Lions

Keith Reinhard and Mark van der Heijden at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2015

BIG NEWS. On Saturday the 27th of June at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity I was interviewed by Keith (The Last Mad Man) Reinhard a.k.a. Global Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide at the big Debussy Stage. I was very honored to meet him and share my story with the crowd. On that stage I’ve officially launched Wanderbrief®. A start-up that I’ve co-founded with André Matarazzo & Valentijn van Santvoort.


During my travels and working around the world I’ve discovered that creativity can change the world. It thrives when you break the routine. Unfortunately most of the time people work in the same places with the same faces.

They need a fresh perspective.

That’s why we created Wanderbrief®. A brief-assignment talent agency that taps into the world’s most refreshing minds and puts them to work, far away from home, on some of the most interesting problems companies, societies and individuals are facing today.

Wanderbrief - First Journey - The Backpacker Intern

We will start our first journey in February 2016, where 12 top-notch creatives in 3 weeks will travel 6 continents simultaneously, bringing new perspectives to 18 agencies/brands/charities and become a force for change.

At the moment we are looking for 18 kick-ass companies to join us in this adventure. Cannes was an amazing place to launch since the biggest players in the creative industry are there. We’re already talking with some global ventures who are keen to collaborate with us. I’m super excited about this!

Wanderbrief Story - The Backpacker Intern

We will soon start with our search for the 12 lucky creatives who will travel and gain work experience. If you’re interested please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and or send an email to


Thanks for being Wanderful!

4 thoughts on “Launching Wanderbrief at Cannes Lions

  1. Arvind Kumar

    hey i’m very much into travelling basically mountaineering and i’d love to work with you or if if i can contribute in some way.
    I’d be waiting for a reply.

  2. Chirag Gupta

    I’m really interested in traveling and indulging in different cultures from around the world.
    An added opportunity to share my skills and pick up new ones while doing that is really all a travel enthusiast could for.
    I’m hoping to not only explore my creative self but also begin to understand the vastness and variety in the world around, if I get this opportunity at Wanderbrief.

  3. Akshay

    Hey I am really looking forward to such a eventful life. I had always dreamt of this and I guess now is the time to fasten the seatbelts and get set go.

    I am a content developer and have my hands on editing. I want to travel the world, need no money. Just TRADE.

    I’m really expecting something out of this

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