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Global Youth Leader at PFFT South Korea

I’m very proud to announce that I became a Global Youth Leader at Projects For Forward-Thinking, South Korea. A project-based education reform organization committed to challenge the educational status quo in South Korea by encouraging students, parents, and educators to embrace self-directed learning, self-empowerment, and self-exploration.

One of their biggest projects is ‘Global Vision Mentorship’, a ground breaking mentorship program for high school students of all backgrounds. This summer (end of August) I will join an amazing team of talents and geniuses to inspire 100 students from South Korea.

The Backpacker Intern - Global Youth Leader South Korea PFFT

During this program, students spend 7 days immersed in deep conversation, global thinking, and hands-on exploration. PFFT brings together passionate and creative college students from around the world who have demonstrated passion for life and who are motivated to shape our world in a way that promotes innovation and peace. These college students will utilize their passion to mentor students and create education magic.

I’m very honoured to be part of this group with people from Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, U Penn, Oxford, Princeton, Zynga, Dropbox, Facebook, the Grand Prize Winner of the Google Global Science Fair and many more.

2014 Global Vision Mentorship from Will Song on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to meet up with all the talents and students!


One thought on “Global Youth Leader at PFFT South Korea

  1. Reed Chen

    Love your idea ~~ i’m a college student in China ,really want to make a fabulous documentary,but i lack the power of action ~When will you come to China ? Let me treat you ~~haha

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