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The White House invites The Backpacker Intern

Ok. This is unreal. The White House just invited me. Wait…what? Yes. The White House! They invited the 100 most influential travel bloggers and digital media outlets in the world for the first ever ‘Travel Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship’. I first thought that somebody was making a joke, with this email and the White House logo thing going on. But it’s legit. On the 9th of December 2014 I’ll visit the White House!

The Backpacker Intern + The White House

The goal of the summit is to increase awareness among young people and encourage their participation in educational, cultural and professional exchanges. We will hear from a panel of high-ranking government officials on current efforts around studying, working, and traveling abroad, with opportunities for dialogue and interaction.

Prior to the summit, we’re invited for the White House holiday decorations on an East Wing Tour.

The Backpacker Intern Not Bad ObamaI don’t know if the President and/or the First Lady will be home but I’m seriously MEGA honoured and thankful for getting this opportunity. I’m really looking forward to meet up with all the other travel bloggers as well.

Hostelling International Washington DC offered all bloggers a place to sleep during the Summit. Thanks a lot!

Of course I will share my learning’s and adventures with you guys, just keep an eye on my blog πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “The White House invites The Backpacker Intern

  1. Chira

    Jealousy here! I was there in DC for a year a decade ago and the White House was a few blogs away from my school! I really want to go back sometimes. Have fun for me!

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