The Backpacker Intern

One Hell of a Ride at Wakelake Bratislava

The reason why I came to Bratislava was because Boris Pršo (Journalist/TV Director) invited me to come to his morning show ‘Teleráno’. I thought “Why not?” and they flew me over. After a few hours sleep I woke up at 5:00 AM to get picked up for the show. The hosts of the morning show welcomed me with their own cardboard sign that said ‘Vitaj’ (‘Welcome’ in Slovak). It was my first time on live television and this was the best watched show in Slovakia! Check out the item here:

After the interview I got thousands and thousands of emails from all over Slovakia. Everybody wanted me as an intern. Well. Not really. To be honest; nobody responded. I got 5 Facebook requests from Slovak girls, which was cool, but no internship offer.

The Backpacker Intern + Wakelake Slovakia

Via some new friends I made in Bratislava I got in touch with the people from Wakelake | Golden Sands. The place to be for Wakeboarding, Flyboarding, Stand Up Paddle, Blobbing and not to forget epic parties. This summer they had gigs from Roger Sanchez and Mark Knight and the plans for next summer are even bigger. Another reason for me to come back.

The Backpacker Intern Wakeboarding at Wakelake Bratislava

During my days at Wakelake I helped them out with ideas to improve their marketing and business. To get to know the world of Wakelake I had to try out some of their things of course. To start they dropped me in the water and decided to teach me how to ride. I did some snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding before but this was my first time on a wakeboard. Five face plants, 23 epic fails and 2 hours later I was finally able to get control of the cable and stand on the board. Don’t even ask about making turns…

The Backpacker Intern on a wakeboard at Wakelake Bratislava

Every morning I walked to the restaurant to get some breakfast and a cup of coffee. The food at Wakelake is honestly amazing. Dumplings with duck, quinoa salad you name it. Perfect food for people who stand on a board for hours. It was a great place to work for me as well, sitting in the sunshine with the boarders doing stunts in the background.

The Backpacker Intern working at Wakelake Bratislava

In the end I delivered a plan with new ideas that Wakelake can use for future communications and even some new business ideas. I’m not allowed to share what it is (yet) but hopefully there’s some cool stuff coming up soon. Fingers crrrrrrossed.

The Backpacker Intern + Wakelake Bratislava Crew

Samuel and the rest of the crew, ‘dakujem’ for this opportunity. It was on multiple levels one hell of a ride. Good luck with all the future plans and see you again in the summer!

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