The Backpacker Intern

The start of a worldwide adventure

The Backpacker Intern from Mark van der Heijden on Vimeo.

Hello world, my name is Mark van der Heijden, and in January 2014 I’m starting a new adventure.

I’m going to travel the world as: The Backpacker Intern. Helping out agencies, brands and charities.

But I don’t want to get paid. I just want to trade: a day of my work, for food and a place to sleep.

If you want to join me in this adventure then let me know at

All the best!

20 thoughts on “The start of a worldwide adventure

  1. Marte

    Super cool initiatief, Mark! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar alle avonturen die je gaat beleven dit jaar en zal je zeker blijven volgen. Ik zal je pagina binnenkort ook delen via mijn website. Kun je me vertellen of je al concreet weet naar welke landen je toegaat (afgezien van Thailand zo te lezen)? Heb je een specifiek plan qua landen, of laat je het afhangen van de stages?
    Heel veel succes, ik ga je volgen!

  2. Tony Kuriakose

    Love your idea Mark. I think its remarkable. Wish you best for your journey.
    Hope you would include India in your itinerary. Its a great place to travel

  3. Op

    Love this idea! hope you have a successful trip 😀

    Good to hear that you come to my country first, Thailand, although there is an abnormal situation, the protest.


  4. Beth Wolbach

    Hi Mark! I work for Stream Companies, a full-service integrated agency outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’d love to have you here! Hopefully, we can get in touch soon!! Feel free to e-mail me. Best of luck in Bangkok!

  5. Hying Jeenmai

    Super!!! I first thought you were a model at McCann Worldgroup Thailand. My friend who works there sent me your link. So, I know what you are up, too. It’s very good project and mooi foto’s. It reminds me of 100 avonturen (, a very well written Dutch song for kids to learn the world. Keep posting what you are doing and what you have seen. I think, we are learing the world with you, too.

    Anyway, I have a question. what made you to come to Thailand?

    Heel veel success vour jouw avonturen.


  6. Amp

    Hi Mark. I’m happy to know that you choose my country a first destination.
    I hope you won’t miss to visit Southern of China like Guangzhou. I would love to accompany you around. Have a nice trip. 🙂

    1. Mark van der Heijden Post author

      Hey Jackie, just to let you know, I need cash as well, since I’m not interning everyday of the year. Plus I have to pay my travels. It does save me a lot of money and makes me rich in experience 🙂 Safe travels and all the best to you!

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