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The Beauty of Bangkok Shutdown

In January 2014 I was one and a half week in Bangkok. My hostel was in the middle of the protests. I ignored the safety warnings and decided to stroll around the protest areas. There I discovered that everybody was really proud of this ‘silent protest’. It was so peaceful and warm. People were smiling. All of them got offered free food. Including me.

When I got back at my hostel I checked the news. The image they were spreading was just totally wrong. It looked more like ‘riots’ than the peaceful protest where I just came from.
That’s why I decided to make a short film that shows the positive side of the protests.

‘The Beauty of Bangkok Shutdown’.

The Beauty of Bangkok Shutdown from Mark van der Heijden on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Bangkok Shutdown

  1. Liu

    Thank you for taking time to make this lovely short film to show the world how beautiful this protest is. Kop khun ka.. 🙂

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