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Madness on Day 1

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-14 om 12.48.01

Just arrived in Bangkok. Opening my email:

+50 job-offers from all over the world.

A marriage proposal via Twitter.

And a feature on one of the biggest advertising blogs in the world: Adweek.

Not bad for day 1.

Thanks everybody for all the messages via Twitter/Facebook/Email/Website. Sorry if I didn’t reply to you yet. Since I’m traveling it could take some days before I’m able to respond. So grab some beers, chill and before you know it…*BOOM* you’ve got a reply.

I wish you all the best from sunny Thailand.

11 thoughts on “Madness on Day 1

  1. Peachasilp

    Hey Heijan, I’m in Thailand
    Are you interested staying at my house? 😀
    If you are, just email me back. I’d love to talk to you and bring you around!

    Where are you staying today and how long will you travel in Thailand?
    Wish you had a great time here! Cheers!

  2. Bright

    I live in Bangkok.
    wish you enjoy traveling in Bangkok. You should go to the Grand Palace or Wat Pho, I think it’s the great landmark of Thaland, very very beautiful.
    I tell you to see there because I’m studying in Silpakorn university around this interesting places 🙂
    i’m glad that you chose my country to travel. You are my idol !

    for the information to travel in thailand you can contact me on or my e-mail. I will help you 😀

  3. TK

    Hi, I’m T.K. From Thailand. Just saw the news about your journey. Wowww! That’s totally awesome! I wanna travel around the world, too. Hahaha if u need any help, pls lemme knw 😉

    Have a nice trip!

  4. Ton

    Wish you have a good trip in Bangkok.
    Beware yourselves from politic conflict.

    wish you good luck and fun on your trip.

    P.S. I’m thai.

  5. usa ajalakittisin

    i read your story from brand buffet and i admire you and your passion a lot!
    love to have you here in BKK


  6. Beatriz

    THIS IS AWESOME!! I love your Idea, do you accept job offers from any agency? I live in Mexico, Im studying marketing and advertising and I dont work in any agency yet but i would love to look for a job for you so you can come here, as you know, Mexico IS AWESOME! so please let me know if you are interested 🙂

  7. didi

    hi,man,hope you have a good time in Thailand,thats a amazing country.BTW,I am live in beijing ,hope you will be here one day. looking forward to see you and share some interseting things with us.if you need any help when you are in china,pls let me know.good luck!

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