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KILROY has been following my travels since I booked my around the world ticket with them in January. They recently contacted me, and said that ‘The Backpacker Intern’ is a great example of their ‘Explore Life’ philosophy. They liked it so much that they surprised me with a multi-ticket to travel to and in South America! Woooooot!

The Backpacker Intern + KILROY South America

I’m really looking forward but still searching for internships over there. The destinations where I’m planning to go are Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile (November/December/January/February). I’m open for other places as well but then it would help if you can fly me over, since I cannot afford to hop all over the continent 😉

If you have a cool project for me at an agency, brand or charity or know someone who does, please let me know at

Muchas Gracias, Obrigado, Thank You and see you in two weeks! Wooohooooo!

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