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5 Badass Days at the Adventure Film School

This whole internship was an adventure by itself. It already started when I travelled from Portland to Seattle. I took the good old Boltbus again. I met a cool guy in the bus; Rodney. He was a barber and a bus driver (not at the same time). We talked for a few hours. We had so much fun that a girl walked towards us and said: “It all sounds very interesting what you guys are talking about but people are annoyed by the volume of it”. We said sorry to her, looked at each other and laughed. When we arrived in Seattle he offered me a beer at his favourite dive bar. His goal was to ‘get hammered’.

A few beers and whiskeys later, Nasa Koski (owner of Adventure Film School) came to the bar to pick me up. I introduced her to Rodney and we ordered one more drink. Then something crazy happened. The girl that was telling us to shut up was in the same dive bar. Rodney started to talk with her and a few minutes later he transformed the dive bar into his personal barbershop. Just outside the bar he started to cut her hair like a boss. American Gangster meets Edward Scissorhands. The sunlight beamed upon the wildly flying pieces of hair. It was a scene that would make Tim Burton jealous. Welcome to Seattle baby!

Gangster Barber

Nasa took me to the Adventure Film School HQ, which is based in the basement of her house. An amazing house by the way. It looked like I was in MTV Cribs or somethin’ (And somethin’ is better than nothin’). I got stationed in a sweet bedroom with a stunning view over the Cascades.

Adventure Film School is specialised in teaching you how to shoot during adventures (duh). But the cool thing about them is that they work with the best filmmakers in the industry. You get one-on-one advice, work with the newest gear, learn how to stay safe in the mountains and have a lot of fun at the same time. Nasa gave me some sweet insights about film making and showed me how to handle the slickest gear.

The Backpacker Intern - Adventure FIlm School Gear

During my internship I had two big assignments. One was to come up with a social media campaign for Adventure Film School during the GoPro Mountaingames, a big-ass event in Vail with more than 50.000 visitors. I came up with the idea ‘Adventure Selfie Competition’. We’re gonna challenge visitors to make the most adventurous selfie during the games. The only thing you have to do to enter the competition is sharing your selfie on your social media channels with #AFSelfie. The most badass one wins the newest GoPro Hero3+.

Adventure Film School Selfie Competition - The Backpacker Intern

Talking about badass. My second assignment was to come up with a creative way to find a new intern for the Adventure Film School. I’m not allowed to say what the idea exactly is but I can share that it has something to do with 11.000 feet and some random dude wearing a suit with a leopard tie. That random dude would be me.

The Backpacker Intern jumping out of airplane

Here’s a snapshot. Do keep an eye on my blog because we are going to launch this crazy campaign soon. And then you’ll know how you can apply to become their next intern. You have to be badass though.

That last day at the Adventure Film School was by far the craziest day of all my internships so far. I jumped out of a fucking airplane as part of my job! That’s just insane. And just the way I like it. I want to thank Nasa for making this internship epic. You rock, badass.

The Backpacker Intern - Adventure Film School Nasa Koski

Now on to the next one. My internship with Nile Rodgers. The first plan was to go and visit Nile at his studio in Connecticut. But since Nile lives an adventurous life as well, plans changed. Nile is going to LA for a few days to work in the studio with some artists. He’s also going to the Walk of Fame for the honouring of Luther Vandross’s Hollywood Star. And he asked me to join him!! I’ve just arrived in LA where I was picked up by a private limo. I’m staying in Malibu at the amazing house of Nile’s friend; Michael Ostin. What will happen the next days is still one big surprise. Can’t wait to meet up with Nile tomorrow!

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